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This page is intended to be an information resource about the best organic baby products available, such as organic baby clothes, organic baby bedding and organic baby bath products. It is also intended to point out why using organic baby products is so important when one considers the problems with the chemical laden products they take the place of.

Our intent is not to use the results of our research as a scare tactic. We will explain as clearly as possible what we have found. Hopefully this will make it easy for concerned Moms and Dads to make an informed choice to use only certified organic baby products such as organic baby clothes, organic baby bedding and organic baby bath and skin care products.

It's a disturbing fact of life that the vast majority of children are predestined, prior to conception, to have their body burdened with toxic chemicals. This contamination comes from the fact that the mother has toxic chemicals stored in her body from her own exposures.

Immediately after birth a baby's baptism of chemical exposures continues and will continue the rest of their life. That is, of course, unless Mom and Dad have made some crucial lifestyle choices.

It is vitally important that the mother to be eliminate her own chemical exposures as much as possible. It's equally important to remove as many sources of exposure as possible in and around the home and after birth to use the wonderful organic baby products that are available.

We have researched many, many products searching for truly organic baby products. Unfortunately our research found that the vast majority of the products that are being touted as "natural" or "organic" baby products contained toxic chemicals and hazardous materials.

Just because the manufacturer puts the words "natural" or "organic" in the name of a product DOES NOT mean that the product is free of harmful ingredients. Many of these ingredients can do irreversible damage during early infant development.

We want organic baby products

We believe that information is power. By becoming informed, parents and parents to be will be empowered to make informed choices. Those choices can affect the legacy of their children and that of generations to come. This is because many of these toxic chemicals damage the developing reproductive organs.

Why Use Organic Baby Products?

Infants and small children are exposed to greater concentrations of toxic chemicals than adults by virtue of their activities. Their hands, toys, binkies anything they touch, is automatically destined to be put in their mouth. Being at floor level they inhale higher levels of chemical carrying dust as well as the chemicals being released from the flooring itself.

The fact that children have a much smaller body mass than adults causes their exposure ratios to be much higher when exposed to the same levels of contamination as adults.

When a baby is exposed to toxic chemicals which are stored in fatty tissue the concentrations of those chemicals is much higher as they are exposed to the same levels but have less body mass to spread the contamination throughout.

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Research has shown that it's these concentrated deposits of toxic chemicals that appear to be the cause for many of the juvenile cancer cases.

Higher concentrations equal higher exposure to the area of the body storing the toxic chemicals thus a greater likelihood of problems.

If their formula containers have any metal parts they will, in the vast majority of cases, be treated on the inside with a material containing Bisphenol-A (BPA). If you will be using formula to feed them it is advisable to use the powdered form.

There are very few bottles outside of glass that are 100% assured of not releasing chemicals like BPA when warmed and some of which will release chemicals at any temperature.

On October 23, 2008 The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that internal documents from the FDA show that a task force assessment of BPA "was written largely by the plastics industry and others with a financial stake in the controversial chemical."

The newspaper reported that the American Chemistry Council, a Washington DC group that represents the chemical manufacturing industry, commissioned a review of all studies of the neurotoxicity of bisphenol-A then submitted that document to the FDA.

The FDA used that report as the basis for its ruling on the safety evaluation of the chemical BPA and its effects on neural and behavioral development.

Those at the FDA who were responsible for this are now under congressional investigation for the illegal actions used to establish their ruling.

The water a baby is bathed in and their clothes and bedding washed in will contain, among other things, chlorine designed to kill living organisms and soaps which will leave cancer causing chemical residue.

Their cloths and bedding will be treated with flame retardants which will most likely contain polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE’s) known to be endocrine disruptors. Their soaps, lotions, shampoos and powders will very likely contain phthalates and parabens.

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Many parents are choosing to use organic baby products like organic baby clothes, organic baby bedding and organic baby bath products. By doing this they are taking a very important step in the elimination of many toxic chemicals from their baby's environment.

However, it's very important that long before conception every effort should be made to remove as many toxic chemicals throughout the home as possible. The four main toxic chemicals of concern are BPA's, phthalates (pronounced "thal-ates"), parabens and PBDE's.

It's not only our opinion but that of many in the scientific community that these four toxic chemicals are the most damaging to so many areas of fetal and infant development. They are also the most prevalent and, in most cases, the easiest to eliminate.

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Follow this link for more information about these toxic chemicals which are known as endocrine disruptors.

If nothing else, make the choice to use organic baby products such as organic baby clothes, organic baby bedding and organic baby bath and skin care products, to reduce your child's exposure to these insidious toxic chemicals.

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