Affiliations Disclosure

At we feel that it is important for our visitors to understand how we cover costs associated with maintaining our web site.  We feel very blessed to be able to share with our visitors, information from our education, life experiences and research.

The fact that our web site is a 'living web site' means that we spend many hours searching for and researching information and then take the time to write the content.  There are also fees associated with operating the web site, web site hosting fees, license fees, business fees etc.  We are not paid to do this, we do it because we feel the content is information that should be very important to, and readily available to, anyone who will take the time to read it

Product recommendations are made based on our belief that they are good quality, healthy products.  We will NEVER recommend any product or merchant solely on the chance that we might receive a commission.

Some links from this web site will take you to merchants outside of our web site which sell products via the Internet.  In an effort to defray some of our expenses, some (but not all) of these are what is called an affiliate link.  Being an affiliate means that if you should follow a link from our web site to a participating merchant's web site and then purchase a product from them, we will be paid a small percentage of their profits in the form of a commission.

We will also accept paid advertisements from companies which sell products or services that meet the recommendations we make on this web site.  However, any recommendations we make regarding a particular product or service will have already been made prior to accepting any paid ads.  If we don't already use the product or service the ad will not be accepted unless we consider the product or service as one which we would use ourselves.

There is no additional cost to you, it costs the same as if you had gone directly to their web site. It is simply the merchant's way of rewarding us for having referred you to them.

Here's how you can help us keep this web site operating and relevant.   If you purchase products from a merchant who advertises on our web site or which we are affiliated with and decide to purchase additional products in the future, if you would come back to our web site and click through the ad or affiliate link to do so it will be greatly appreciated. That's what we see as a WIN-WIN-WIN you get top quality products, the merchant gets a sale and we get a commission to help us keep this web site relevant.

NOTE: The "AdChoices" are provided by GOOGLE based on the content of the page which they appear on. These ad's are not chosen by us and are not there as affiliates we do business with.

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