"Truly Organic Baby Bath
And Skin Care Products
Will Have A Certified Organic Seal!"

Yes, you read that headline right. If you want to use truly organic baby bath products and organic baby skin care products the container will have one of the certified organic seals on the label. Just because a product uses the word organic on its label doesn't mean that it is organic.

If it doesn't have a certified organic seal then you are not getting a truly organic baby bath and organic baby skin product and you need to check the ingredients very carefully. There's a very strong chance that the product contains toxic chemical ingredients.

If you purchase baby bath and baby skin care products, with one of the certified organic seals, those products have been developed to meet strict organic certification requirements.

We're not saying that a product absolutely has to have one of the certified organic seals to be a good product. However, we have not found any truly organic baby bath or organic baby skin care products without a seal which won't expose your baby to at least one toxic chemical.

There is no government regulation or organic certification of this industry unless the company which makes the product chooses to have their products certified to organic food grade standards.

So, unless you see a certified organic seal, you must understand there is nobody holding these companies accountable for what their label implies.

There are getting to be more and more products that use some variation of the works "natural" and "organic" in devious ways on their labels. Some examples would be, "naturally derived", "all natural" (how about some crude oil for baby's skin, it's natural) how about the word "organics" in the name or "contains organic blah, blah, blah".

We have seen all of these words used on labels for products which actually contain phthalates and/or cancer causing chemicals.

February 2, 2008
American Academy of Pediatrics
Official Journal

The journal reported that a study conducted at the University of Washington and Seattle Children's Hospital found that babies exposed to common baby care products such as lotion, soap, shampoo and powder were more likely to have phthalates in their urine than those who's parents used organic baby bath products and organic baby skin care products.

Laboratory studies on animals have shown that phthalates interfere with, among other things, the development of the reproductive system. Other studies have found that prenatal exposure or exposure through breast milk can alter hormone concentrations.

Phthalates are endocrine disruptors and are found in most plastic baby bottles and plastic toys, with the highest concentrations in those made of soft plastic material. However, the main exposure for infants is from NON organic baby bath products, lotions, and powders.

Researchers found nine different phthalates in urine samples collected from a total of 163 infants, aged 2 months to 28 months.

The researchers found that using baby powder, lotion, soap and shampoo were strongly associated with higher phthalate levels in the urine. The researchers also found a minimum of one phthalate in every baby's urine sample. This association was strongest in infants under 8 months old who are believed to be more vulnerable to developmental and reproductive toxic effects.

Lead researcher Dr Sheela Sathyanarayana, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington medical school, describes the findings as "troubling".

She says, "Babies may be more at risk than children or adults because their reproductive, endocrine and immune systems are still developing".

She added that phthalate exposure in early childhood has been associated with altered hormone concentrations as well as increased allergies, runny nose and eczema. If parents want to decrease exposures for their children, they need to start using organic baby bath products, lotion, shampoo, and baby powder.

Visit our Endocrine Disruptors page to learn more about these insidious toxic chemicals.
There's only one way you can be sure that you are protecting your precious baby's skin from the dangers of toxic chemicals. Use ONLY certified organic baby bath and organic baby skin care products!


I am diligently researching and compiling links to other suppliers and will post them ASAP. Thank you for your understanding. 10/16/2015

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