Organic Skin Care Products

A few years ago my wife and I started looking for sources of organic skin care products, along with any other organic products we could find. If you've spent any time at all searching the Internet on this subject I'm sure you found out, as we did, it wasn't a real long process. I must say though, in the last couple of years there are getting to be more and more sources of organic skin care products.

Some of the largest personal care companies are starting to get on the organic bandwagon.

However, there are also many companies which are trying to cash in on the organic movement through deceptive advertising and labeling.

The Search For Organic Skin Care Products

Some products do not carry an organic certification even though they contain organic materials because to be certified a product must contain a minimum of 95%, by volume, certified organic ingredients.

As an example, it's just not possible to include enough organic ingredients in products like mineral masks because minerals can not be certified organic. However, all of the other ingredients may be certified organic. We would considered product to be an acceptable one.

From this page we will provide you with information and links to the companies, and their products, as we research and confirm that their products truly are organic.

Birth defects caused by the synergistic effects of multiple toxic chemical exposures are seriously affecting not only the present generation but future generations long before their parents or grandparents are even conceived. Traces of deadly chemicals which have been outlawed for over 30 years have been identified in the umbilical cords of new born baby's who's mothers were never directly exposed to any of those chemicals. To learn more about this research watch this video about 10 Americans. I can assure you that after watching this video you will have a whole new outlook on the subject of chemical exposures.

You will find extra emphasis throughout this site on this subject as it's one we feel especially passionate about. It's also a subject that we feel is way past due becoming the focus of public revolt.

We are seeing the very government agencies which were established to protect us from exposure to dangerous substances, in fact becoming the reason many of them are out there.

In the United States the FDA, EPA, USDA and our court systems are being eroded by the hiring or appointment of people, as policy makers, who either worked for or have direct ties to major offending corporations such as Union Carbide, DuPont and Monsanto.

In turn products which pose serious health threats are being approved while those in positions of authority within our government who could put a stop to them are the ones who approve them.

If you don't live in the United States don't think for a minute that you are not facing many of the same problems. It's up to each individual to make sure that they are taking the necessary steps to protect their families.


I am diligently researching and compiling links to other suppliers and will post them ASAP. Thank you for your understanding.

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